Ways to Remove Separation Anxiety from Your Special Needs Child

Separation anxiety is excessive anxiety about becoming separated from mother, father or any other family in general. Separation anxiety can be found in all children, as attachment is a normal stage of child development. But for children with special needs, this anxiety can be heightened. When your special needs child has difficulty interacting in social […]

The 15 Top Special Needs Documentaries

Whether you want to educate your children on special needs and disabilities or experience some meaningful footage  for yourself, documentaries can be very beneficial and informative to watch. If you are looking for the absolute best special needs documentaries available, this post will show you the top 15 out there. Category: Autism Autism: The Musical […]

Top 10 Things to Look for in a School for a Special Needs Child

  When searching for a school for your special needs child, it is important to get all the right information before making a decision. Understandably, many parents feel underprepared when the task of choosing a school presents itself for the first time. Don’t just rely on tour guides and principals to facilitate your decision making […]

What is Music Therapy?

Simply put, music therapy is the use of music to improve the quality of one’s life. It is similar to other types of therapeutic interventions in that it involves a certified professional who uses clinical services to help their patients meet individualized goals. Patients seeking help with any cognitive, social, emotional or physical difficulties that […]

It’s Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month! Great Ideas from Four Organizations

Ever since March was declared “Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month” by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, the intellectual and developmentally disabled community and its advocates have made it a point to get the word out about the importance of inclusiveness. Many awesome organizations have emerged to combat prejudices and educate the population. They serve to remind […]

Subscriptions, Safety and Scheduling: Awesome Brands for Kids with Autism

At CBO Baby, our passion reaches beyond our children’s onesies and bodysuits. We love meeting and hearing from the amazing families about the positive impact our onesies have on the day-to-day lives of parents, grandparents, caregivers and the children we serve. Each day, CBO Baby encounters tons of other brands who share our delight and […]

Why Is Sensory Play Important? Bonus! 8 Activities to Get You Started

Sensory play is a great way to get your child or toddler engaged in an activity that really stimulates their senses; touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.  Sensory play lets your toddler explore and gives your little one the chance to discover science while they play.  When you give a kid the chance to explore […]


Adaptive Clothing, sometimes called adapted clothing, are garments that have been uniquely designed for people with special needs or disabilities that can make mainstream clothing harder to use. Often, adaptive clothing is made with features like Velcro or snap fasteners or extra elastic to replace buttons so that the clothes can be more comfortable.  In […]