It’s that time of year again, the leaves are off the trees, we’ve had our fill of pumpkin pie, and the warmth and joy of the holidays are right around the corner. The holidays are an exciting time filled with family, joy, and gifts!

Aside from selling plus-sized children’s onesies or bodysuits as we like to call them, CBO Baby has put together a wonderful list of gift ideas that are ideal for youngsters with special needs. In fact, we may have to pick up a few of these products ourselves!


Dizzy Disc – $169.99-$199.99

Ingeniously designed with a simplistic functionality, Dizzy Disc with its rotational component and striking colors immediately draws children to take a spin. Originally developed by creative developmental and learning educators, Dizzy Disc peaks the sensory seeker and integrates the senses through movement.

All kids’ can approach the Dizzy Disc with an open ended play approach – using the platform to sit, kneel, and/or stand. Dizzy Disc can be played indoors or outdoors; it’s portable enough to take on the road with its easy to carry built-in handle.


Pumper Car – $349.99 – $399.99

The pumper car is a children’s toy developed by Mike Jones designed for children ages 3 to 6. The unique pumping action provides movement for both upper and lower extremities, and helps build trunk muscles. Both devices are used in therapy and physical education activities for building endurance and muscle development.

Claessens’ Kids $29.99 – $59.99

Sometimes children just don’t get enough sleep, which can raise a variety of issues ranging from tiredness to poor performance in school and more. Claessens’ Kids are looking to solve this problem with their line of innovative children’s sleeping products, including alarm clocks and sleep trainers.

Now your kids can have a good night sleep in a fun and innovative way!

CBO Baby Holiday Bodysuits Bundles – $17.08


Our bodysuits make the perfect holiday gift and we now have them available in Hanukkah bundles which are blue and white, and Christmas bundles which are red and green. Our bodysuits are 100% cotton, which makes them soft and cuddly and feature a ribbed binding for extra comfortable stretch and softness. CBO Baby onesies are available in sizes 2T-12 years.

Bravelets – $35.00 – $74.00


Bravelets is a wonderful company that uses jewelry to help raise funding and awareness for various causes including, Autism Speaks, The Special Olympics, and more. 10% of all sales are donated to the organizations and can help fund projects, events, and awareness outreach.

Feediefriends – $50.00

The incredibly cool backpacks allow for kids to make their feeding tubes fun and exciting! These bags are 12 inches with adjustable shoulder straps and a handle so it can hang off a pole or wheelchair. They are handmade to order and available for around $50.00 on Etsy.

Bustle Bags – $79.95


Bustle Bags were created to help people overcome the difficulties associates with autism, anxiety disorder, and special needs. The backpack is designed for students with sensory processing difficulties.

It has several features, such as clasps on the straps to attach sensory tools, specially designed ‘hugging’ padded straps to mimic a compression vest, a reinforced durable bottom with a zipper compartment that is waterproof, two adjustable sternum straps with buckles for extra stability, a clear pouch for an ID tag or daily schedule on the front to let your child customize the bag and many more brilliant features.

Playaway Toys


Playaway Toys is a toy company from Wisconsin that makes products that can be utilized by children with special needs. It all started with their Rainy Day Indoor Playground and from there they realized that they could help make toys that help those with special needs.

What’s incredible about Playaway Toys is that their in-house design team works closely with parents and therapist to develop smart, high-quality products unlike any others. They rely on real life parents and therapist for fresh ideas and constant input.

InYard – $55.00-$100.00


After selling to Amazon for years, InYard discovered sales were rising for one of their swings that used special materials. They read though their Amazon contents and developed the Therapy Swing line, which is now geared towards providing for those with special needs.

Additionally, before they release a new product on the market, they have it tested by their brand’s community.

Something for Everyone

During the holidays, CBO Baby encourages families and individuals to be inclusive of those with special needs by finding gifts that are catered towards them, after all there’s something for everyone out there! To shop our full line of bodysuits visit our full products page, and happy holidays to all!