CBO baby onesies are sized for  children ages 2 years through 14+ years. Being that there are no traditional onesie sizes we carry we have established our own unique sizing.To help you determine the best fit for your child we have a size chart with the length of the body-suit from shoulder to crotch (with onesie snapped closed).

Please note that CBO Baby onesies run BIG.

All our onesies with the exception of the spaghetti straps are a relaxed fit. The spaghetti strap style is made of a ribbed fabric and is slim fit.

We generally recommend that you purchases 1-2 sizes smaller than the clothing size your child normally wears. (For example, if your child wears size 7 clothing, we recommend you purchase size 5T or 6T CBO Baby onesies.) There is no need to size up even if you would like the onesies for your child to grow into or have enough room for it to last.

CBO Baby onesies run BIG.

Us the measurements below to give you the most accurate information to determine the best fit your child.