Have you ever stared at those puzzling folds on your child’s onesie shoulders, and wondered just what are they doing there?

Whether or not you’ve had that question, we’re here to give you the answer. It will make your life easier. Those envelope folds may seem like minor details, but there is no product quirk that’s there by chance. A button here, a zipper there… in general, clothing features serve specific purposes, and are implemented with user ease in mind — and especially for mothers, for whom functionality is a primary consideration when it comes to baby clothing. So don’t think those onesie manufacturer’s haven’t thought of it all.

Messy diaper situations are a fact of life, and your baby’s onesie is designed to accommodate the inevitable. In the case of a leaky nappy, all you have to do is grab onto those folds and pull the whole garment downward. It’s a neat, convenient way to avoid making a huge unnecessary mess.

There’s another pro. Those envelope flaps are not just beneficial for occasional circumstances, but for daily use as well: the flaps allow for easy access over the head. Sometimes children have larger heads and dressing them can be a struggle.

Not so with our onesie, created at CBO where everything is developed with a child’s all possible needs in mind. In addition to all its other features designed for ultra convenience, the shoulder flaps make the dressing and undressing process just a drop easier. Stretch, pull over the head, and… done!

Because as we know, small details are nothing trivial. Life is made up of lots of little moments, and here at CBO we want to make those moments as stress-free as possible, so that dressing-up time can be an enjoyable and bonding experience for all.