Picking out the right car seat for you child with special needs is an important decision. You want to keep your child as safe as possible, while also finding features that cater to specific needs. To aid you in your search, check out this list of our 6 favorite car seat choices for children with special needs.

Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Special Edition Ribble Collection Convertible Car Seat

This car seat can accommodate any child from 14-85 pounds. It has an Air Protect Advanced cushion system in the headrest which provides safer side impacts for the child and prevents any unwanted head maneuvers. This car seat is also designed to fit better in your car as to allow more room. Praia 85 seat pad is also machine washable and dryer safe if your special needs child is prone to making messes in the car.  

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Diono Radian R100 All-In-One Convertible Car Seat

This car seat is ideal for older children as it can hold from  5-100 pounds. It can also be used front or rear facing or converted into a booster. The seat has an energy absorbing harness and it is reinforced with aluminum sides. For special needs children who constantly move and jerk, this car seat will surely keep them in place and safe throughout the car ride. This car seat can take your child from infant all the way through toddler!

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Convaid Carrot 3 Special Needs Car Seat

The The Convaid Carrot 3 Special Needs car seat is designed for children ages 3-15. The back of the seat can recline anywhere from 180 degrees back up to 90 degrees. If your special needs child prefers laying down as to sitting up in the car, that is possible with this car seat. The body conforming foam, contoured headrest, and optional shoulder wings make for a very comfortable ride for the child. There are torso, head, and pelvis supports to keep your child safe and keep him/her from moving too much.

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Ride Safer 2 Travel Vest

This ‘car seat’ is so easy to use it’s almost impossible to get wrong! This vest can be used for older special needs children who feel that a real car seat is childish and to make them feel more mature. This car seat provides upper torso protection without putting pressure on the neck or head. This is great for special needs children who have sensitive necks but need to keep their backs straight. The Ride Safer 2 Travel Vest  is also very portable for being able to take it between different cars.

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Britax Snug Seat 7012-EL Traveller Plus Car Seat

This car seat is very plush and thickly padded as to allow for the most comfortable ride for your child while still being very safe. If your special needs child is very picky when it comes to the way things feel, this car seat will surely make him/her happy! The Britax Snug Seat offers outstanding head control for special needs children who need assistance in that area.

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The Churchill Standard Special Needs Seat w/ 18 inch Seat Depth

For special needs children with head movement difficulties, this is the perfect car seat as it comes with a large padded headrest. The Standard Abductors prevent any sliding from the seat. If your special needs child is constantly moving, this car seat will ensure their safety by securing them tightly and making sure the seat does not slip from under them. It makes your child feel like they are not even sitting in a car seat!

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All of these car seats provide a variety of benefits, and finding the one perfect for your child is what matters most. No matter the age or disability, this list provides you with multiple options of car seats that will keep your child safe in a personalized way.