Adaptive Clothing, sometimes called adapted clothing, are garments that have been uniquely designed for people with special needs or disabilities that can make mainstream clothing harder to use.

Often, adaptive clothing is made with features like Velcro or snap fasteners or extra elastic to replace buttons so that the clothes can be more comfortable.  In other cases, adaptive clothing allows for easy access for gastric feeding tubes.  Not only does this make the feeding tube more comfortable, but there’s less risk of the tube being pulled out because the onesie snaps closed at the bottom of the garment and keeps the feeding tube contained.

Adaptive clothing for children also accommodates older kids who still wear diapers or pads.  Traditional onesies stop at size 2T and as kids grow up, can make it hard to close over a diaper.  Even when using onesie extenders.    Adaptive clothing has been designed with this in mind and is available in sizes up to 12 years old.

Some children with sensory sensitivities can find a tag or label to be overwhelming, so all of our onesies and bodysuits, whether long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless, are tagless.  For the ultimate comfort of your child, we offer round neck, envelope neck and crew neck onesies

Our process, materials, quality, and customer experience will hopefully be just as large of a benefit to our customers as they are to our mission and business. We have loved accommodating this market, and look forward to bringing new styles and ideas to the table for you all.