When you have a child who needs a feeding tube or unique medical needs you become an expert in all sorts of things that you never knew existed.

Types of tubes, types of test, types of surgery, and even types of clothes.

For a child with a feeding tube finding access to onesies or bodysuits that meet their needs can become difficult, and this doesn’t get any easier as children grow older and larger. Standard onesies and kid’s clothes can be too small, difficult to maneuver, or simply don’t provide the space needed so the feeding tube remains in place.

We crafted these specially made clothes, known as adaptive (or adapted) clothing, look and feel like regular onesies and bodysuits from material strong enough to safely secure the feeding tube and other devices. Our line of onesies and bodysuits have been formulated to allow for comfort for feeding tubes of all sizes and children of all ages.

At CBO, we have built our line of adaptive clothing to include the needs of children with special needs or disabilities requiring a larger bodysuit. Our onesies and bodysuits offer you the choice of round neck, envelope neck, long sleeve or sleeveless garments to allow you, the parent or caregiver, to pick the style and size they think will best adapt to their little one.

When kids are young, there may not be a need for you to seek out adaptive clothing, but many manufacturers stop making onesies and bodysuits after size 2T. We’ve made it our mission to make shopping for adaptive clothing for kids easy to find. All of our bodysuits and onesies ship to you from the US so they can be delivered quickly.

With multiple styles available, we want to grow while you kid grows. We’re constantly offering new collections for the new seasons, and expanding our product line so we can provide adaptive clothing for children up to 12 years old.